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The Core


Rating: 2 Poseidons



Reviewed by Carl R.





a.k.a. "The Bore"

Viewing Date: 08/13/2005


This movie was a 135-minute piece of tripe about a giant set of lips with an obnoxious stupid ugly chick attached (Hillary Swank), and an obnoxious stupid ugly unshaven moron with a hole in his chin (Aaron Eckhart) who travel to the center of the earth to save it by nuking it from within.

Perhaps "unlikely" isn't strong enough of a term to describe the above-stated scenario, but finding the right words would take more energy than is needed to apply Hillary Swank's lipstick, and an overwhelming feeling of indifference prevents this author from working that hard.   


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Mega-Lips Swank

The movie's most credible moments come at the very beginning, when hundreds of pigeons with pacemakers suddenly start dropping out of the sky because an evil scientist has reversed the flow of magma in the inner-core of the earth with his Ronco core-reverser gadget, which afterward ended up at a flea market like all Ronco gadgets inevitably do. The whole sad affair takes a big dive from there, and leaves the hapless viewer wanting for any semblance of feasiblity, likeable characters, or reasons to stay awake and/or alive.   

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Filthy Unhshaven Moron Aaron Eckhart

Left without anyone or anything to root for, one can only hope for each and every character in the movie to die off as quickly as possible.  While there is a nominal amount of gratitude to be had here, there is none where it really counts. As for how the movie progresses or ends, the term "who cares?" rushes to mind. For the really curious, below is a link to the write-up of "The Bore" on

But, if you're the type who enjoys tripe, stupid ugly chicks with big lips, and unshaven morons with holes in their chins, then skip "The Bore" and go straight to Tomb Raider, starring stupid ugly catfish-lips Angeline Jolie and unshaven moron crater-chin John Voight. While not exactly a bastion of cinematic integrity, Tomb Raider weighs in at only 100 minutes vs. an agonizing 135 minutes for "The Bore".  For those of us who have seen both films, the value of that 35 minute savings is so great as to defy adequate explanation.