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The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension




Suzanne Allen, James Holmes and Barbara Paton


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Happy 4th Birthday Lily!!! 

Lily Kaitlyn W.,   

 turned the big 0-4 in
Charlotte, NC
on June 28th, 2005 

Congratulations to
Lily, Valerie, Brian, and Otis - 
and Don't Forget Nana!!!


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Wishes to announce that its CD has just come off the burner and is now for sale. Anyone wanting the handwritten records for the city of Norwich for the years 1659 - 1848 may purchase this magnum opus for $20.00 S/H included - unless of course you're a relative or reasonable facscimile thereof and the price is $40.00 plus S/H. CD contains records of such interesting people as General Benedict Arnold, my first cousin, numerous slaves, and many revolutionary war soldiers. CD contains thousands upon thousands of names - send for free flyer.

or more information, see:

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There were two winners of the Movie Club's first paid challenge, which was to watch "Dungeons and Dragons" all the way through without dying.  "Dungeons and Dragons" is the only movie in existence branded as too horrible to ever be reviewed by the Movie Club.

The first winner is FTR, who bravely suffered through this monstrosity of a movie all by himself!  Click Here to See His Review.

The second winner is Michael R., who had actually PAID to see Dungeons and Dragons in a theater before the challenge had been issued. 

As promised, both of our big winners will have their reviews posted on the Movie Club website (stay tuned), and will receive a box of Godiva chocolates. 

Congratulations to them both!!!


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In Memoriam

19?? - 08/15/01

Cartoons Donated in Othello's Honor by FTR  
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