the Movie Club Annals ... 

Movie Club Members

 Listed in Order of Importance (just kidding):

Charter Members

Nancy D.
Margaret G.
Elizabeth W.
Paul W.
Frederick R.
Michael R.

Michel R. (nee L.)
Audrey M.
sephine R. (nee L. )
Carl R.
Othello (*
ootc = one of two cats)

Loyal Trustworthy Fantastic Members

Athrun R.
Abdul M.
Chris B.
Kris S.
Stephanie S.
Joe S.
Kate S.
Montana Smith
Marc G.
Elizabeth R.
Martha Bo L.
Valerie Bo W. (nee Bo L.)
Brian Bo W.
Lily K Bo W.
Otis Bo W. (nee Bo L.)
Thomas R.
Chris P.
Marc G.
John R.
Lisa B.
Frederick A.
The Amazing Jason S.
Linda B.
James R.
Theresa R.
Anthony D.
Jason D.
Amy T.
Tory A.
Christine T.
Phil T.
Matthew R.
Suzanne A.
Tony W.
Karin F.
Jan F.
Deb D.
Jim D.
Liz C.
Ing (* ootc)
* ootc = one of two cats