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Zoltan - Hound of Dracula


Rating: 8 Poseidons



Reviewed by Karin F.






Random thoughts on “Zoltan - Hound of Dracula”

by Karin F.



It immediately strikes the viewer that the production values are nil. There is no background sound track during the opening sequence. The stuffed animals used during the dog on dog attacks render those sequences so mild that a 6 year old could watch them. The subsequent dripping blood off the dentures is best left unmentioned. When the dog attacks a lone camper, the camper seems to be pulling the dog toward him more than reacting to an attack.

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zoltan_hound_dracula_packing_crate.jpg (17843 bytes)

Zoltan's Stake 

Vampire Coffins Aflame 

Zoltan in his Packing Crate

Consistent vampire logic is lacking -
- Zoltan and his owner are revived when the wooden stakes are pulled from their remains. Why don’t they just open up Dracula’s coffin and pull out his stake? What’s up with that? Is he stale dated? Jose Ferrer doesn’t think so since he takes the precaution to burn the staked bodies.

- Zoltan has a dream sequence flashback of how he became a vampire. Interestingly enough he can remember scenes where he was not even present, such as the obligatory Dracula about to bite the woman bedroom scene.

- Zoltan’s packing crate gets opened in full daylight (not a wisp of mist) and he is exposed to the sun with no repercussions. For the remainder of the film he is solar-phobic and runs for cover at dawn.

- Mike Drake is referred to as the sole surviving member of the Dracula line. They didn’t even need to need Mrs. Drake to know that she was unfaithful and little Stevie is not Mike’s kid? Serves Mike right for his oh so bland banter with the neighbor lady Mrs. Park. Mrs. Drake must have been bored about eight years ago.



zoltan_hound_dracula_jose_rental_car_jpg.JPG (17488 bytes)

 Jose Ferrer, Engaging in Critcal Car-Rental Dialogue

The dialogue is worse than the production values -
- “You are right, definitely a vampire tomb.”
- The discussion between Ferrer and the rent-a-car clerk was all pointless. Did they really need expositional dialogue to set up the fact that the convertible was a convertible?
- Did Mike Drake’s wife really need to tell him that he’s a psychologist? That information is never used again.
- Why did Ferrer need to say – I’ll find them with or without your help?

zoltan_hound_dracula_jose_beret.jpg (23784 bytes)

zoltan_hound_dracula_mrs_drake.jpg (26049 bytes)

The "Jose-Beret" Beatnik Look 

Mrs. Drake in her Camping Getup 


Wardrobe –
With the exception of the military costumes at the beginning and the brief glimpse of the villagers running from the burning Dracula, this must have been a BYO costume film. The family outfits for camping make no sense. The prize must go to Ferrer’s beatnik with knickers look. All the better for noticing that he was driving a convertible!

Reason # 692 not to be a communist –

When you end up guarding the Dracula tomb, you have no cross to ward off the vampires.

zoltan_hound_dracula_samson_mark.jpg (15478 bytes)

Sampson, Nailing the Garage Scene on the First Take 

Best Acting in movie –
The award goes to the dog playing Sampson. As soon as he walked into the garage, hit his mark and sat down our anonymous viewers declared him the best acting so far in the film. Unfortunately for viewers, his performance was the best of the film.

zoltan_hound_dracula_roof.jpg (11276 bytes)

zoltan_hound_dracula_car_roof.jpg (11571 bytes)

zoltan_hound_dracula_sampson_dark_side.jpg (10984 bytes)

Zoltan, Chewing through the 
Cabin Roof 

Zoltan, Chewing through the 
Convertible Roof 

Sampson, after Turning to 
the Dark Side

Dumber than Nancy Drew –

Alright, after surviving a night when the dogs ate through the roof of a cabin, poked holes in the door and severed live electrical wires with their teeth, who would think to chase those same dogs at sunset in a convertible with the top down? Even worse, our heroes split up and leave the “safety” of the open car, armed only with wooded stakes to chase the same pack of dogs. They got what they deserved.

Let’s face it, did anyone not know that Sampson had gone over to the dark side when Mike Drake opened his door to let Sampson in? Proving again that his was the best acting performance in the film.


zoltan_hound_dracula_staring.jpg (14705 bytes)

zoltan_hound_dracula_michael_bare_chest.jpg (10566 bytes)

Zoltan, Staring Down Mike Drake

Mike Drake, Baring His Chest to Zoltan


Climax – 
(Don’t read unless you want the ending spoiled)
Was Mike Drake mesmerized by Zoltan like the prior stuffed dogs and was drawn against his will toward Zoltan or did Mike bare his throat to intentionally display the cross and send Zoltan over the edge? The critics will be discussing this point for years.

zoltan_hound_dracula_son.jpg (9796 bytes)

 Son of Zoltan