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Komodo vs. Cobra


Rating: 2 Poseidons




Reviewed by Carl R





Komodo vs. Cobra



Komodo vs. Cobra a was bland and forgettable creature feature.  A good part of its forgettability stemmed from its undistinguished casting.  If it hasn't completely slipped my mind, I believe the male lead was Michael Pare, whose main claim to fame was his role as Tom Cody in the unremarkable 1984 film "Streets of Fire".  Past that, the entire rest of the cast consisted of ugly untalented people, but no specific names come to mind.    
If there was a plot or any dialog in this film, it went in one ear and out the other.  Bearing in mind I have a brain like a sieve when it comes to matters of unpleasantness, it is that much more understandable why I completely lost my train of thought while viewing "Komodo vs. Cobra".  If memory serves me, the featured creatures were a giant cobra and a giant Komodo dragon, and they didn't like each other.  Past that, my mind is a blank.   
That's about all I can dig up on my own.  The rest escapes me.  All of it.  I could rake my short but bitter memories over the ashes forever, but as they say, forgive and forget.  So, to the creators of Komodo vs. Cobra, I forget you.