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Island of The Lost

Rating: 8 1/2 Poseidons  



  Island of The Lost



By now, you have probably noticed the image of the little dog endlessly chasing its own tail, and are perhaps wondering what such an image has to do with a movie review of Island of The Lost  

The explanation is as follows:

The dog chasing its own tail is a poignant example of a complete exercise in futility. Attempting to write a just review of Island of The Lost would likewise be a poignant example of a complete exercise in futility.


It is only out of a sense of duty that a sampling of noteworthy observations about this singular film will be listed below. But Island of The Lost must be seen to be adequately experienced.  

Noteworthy Observations: 
a) Lou Halpin, otherwise known as Sandy from the Flipper TV series, being the most prominent actor in the film.
b) Prehistoric reptiles portrayed by live alligators with Elizabethan collars affixed to their necks. 
c) Carnivorous ostriches portrayed by live ostriches with fins affixed to their backs and heads.
d) Saber-toothed wolves portrayed by German shepherds with plastic fangs affixed to their upper jaws.
e) The shipwrecked family taking the time to build a bamboo xylophone, then breaking out in dance to its music. 
f) The aboriginal natives unhesitatingly entering the cabin of a 40 foot sloop and rooting through the ship's paperwork.
g) The fate of the natives who boarded the sloop - Click Here..
f) The family building and utilizing a hacksaw constructed from scallop shells.
The most likely places to find and obtain a copy of Island of The Lost are and eBay.
Good luck.