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In Like Flint

Reviewed by Fred A.

Preface :                                      

While it is indeed pretentious of me, a novice movie reviewer, to offer comments to such a prestigious, sophisticated and perceptive group as assembled to view such unforgettable classics, I shall try.

‘In Like Flint”  1967, is a not even thinly disguised take off on the expression “In Like Flynn”, a macho expression of the “40’s signifying numerous achievements in successful amorous escapades—as was the actor, Errol Flynn—famous for his success seducing young ladies.  Apparently the hero of this film, Derek Flint, played by James Coburn, aspires to emulate Flynn in his sexual escapades. 

Flint, investigating a clever plot in which the president of the United states is replaced by an actor while playing golf, utters the comment, “ An actor as president?” as though this was an astounding concept—as it indeed was prior to Reagan’s election. (and still is to some of us). 

Flint learns that this is part of a sinister plot by a group of women operating in the Virgin Islands to take over the world.  The plot involves subliminal brainwashing in beauty salons owned by the plotters.  The highly plausible scenario includes the hero conversing with dolphins, a plan to steal a space platform and  load it with nuclear weapons and betrayal of the women plotters by the military men they had recruited. 

The entire plot serves as a warning to all true men to be constantly alert to the possibility of a female take over.