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The following movies were deemed unsuitable for a full viewing by the Movie Club, but only because they possessed too many entertaining and/or redeeming factors. 
Title: Yog - Monster From Outer Space (1970)
Starring: Akira Kubo, Atsuko TakahashI
Yog is a 1970 action-packed Japanese B-monster movie.  Comparing the plot and dialogue of Yog to the later Toho Godzilla-series movies is like comparing the later Godzilla-series movies to "The Seven Samurai".  Still, there's plenty of monster action.  

Yog, a space monster, hitches a ride on an unmanned rocket, which splash-lands in the Pacific.  Yog takes the form of a giant squid, crab, and turtle, terrorizing a remote Japanese island.  Yog plans to seize the earth for his alien race, but is foiled by a diverse group of Japanese visitors, some dolphins, bats, and a timely volcano eruption.

If you enjoy really bad B-monster movies, you're five years old, or don't put too much thought into the premise of the movie, and can sit back and simply enjoy the carnage inflicted by Yog - this is a movie for you.  

*** Note ***
The intro by Al 'Grampa Munster' Lewis was a bit disturbing.  His advanced age, cheapness, and willingness to humiliate himself indicates Al's "golden years" were anything but.  Hope he earned enough with that intro to pay a months rent, square his bar tab, buy some biscuits, macaroni & cheese, ramen noodles, and a fifth of bourbon.
Title: War of The he Colossal Beast (1958)
Starring: Sally Frasier, Roger Pace.
Absolutely hysterical. If not for its B-movie status - a Movie Club no-no, this one would rate a full review. A classic 50's movie about a radioactive out-of-control 60-foot man who wears diapers and growls. And, it's only 68 minutes. A must-see. 
Title: Frogs (1972)
Starring: Ray Milland, Sam Elliot.
Frogs is a bit too slow and uneventful for our tastes, aside from which there are very few frog scenes in the movie. But Ray Milland's divinely evil performance as the drunken family patriarch makes it only a near-miss, and a must-see for all fans of Mr. Milland.
Title: Apache (1954)
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Jean Peters.
This one was a close call.  Burt Lancaster, a blue-eyed, blond-haired, British, very white guy playing an Apache. His girlfriend, a blue-eyed, blond-haired, British, very white woman playing an Apache. Right. Has a good deal of comic value, but a tad preachy for our purposes. Comforting to know that the films producers "studied actual Indians" in preparing for the filming of this movie.  
Title: Meteorites! (1998)
Starring: Tom Wopat, Roxanne Hart
Meteorites! will get a full viewing yet. Starring Luke Duke, it's chock full of continuity errors, and follows the disaster movie formula quite faithfully.  A little slow in parts, but certainly worthy of ridicule.
Title: The Neptune Factor (1973)
Starring: Ben Gazzara, Walter Pidgeon, Ernest Borgnine
An underwater adventure movie, this one had some star power. Its major weakness was in its special effects.  The giant undersea creatures (fish, crabs, etc.) were simply aquarium fish accompanied by "big thing on the screen" music.  There was usually nothing in the same shot with the "giant" creature to give it scale or reference, although the obvious plastic toy submarine was an exception. Still, this film had enough charm to spare it from our clutches. 
Title: One Million Years B.C. (1967)
Starring:  Raquel Welch, John Richardson
We could certainly find enough to ridicule in this movie if we tried, but it's simply too easy of a target. Raquel Welch plays the Cover Cave Girl amid laughable dinosaurs and well-groomed cave denizens. One would risk physical injury if giving genuine consideration to the (in)accuracy of the anthropology, geology, and history of the matter at hand. And no dialogue whatsoever - just a bunch of grunting.