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Atomic Train


Rating: 6 Poseidons




Reviewed by Carl R





Atomic Train


Viewing Date: 03/18/2006


With a runtime of 168 minutes, 90% of that featuring Rob Lowe's sub-stellar screen presence, Atomic Train was a punishing way for the Movie Club to celebrates its 50th viewing anniversary.  

As per Atomic Train's plot, a terrorist in Colorado plants an old nuclear bomb on a train, after which the train goes out of control. Rob Lowe, a clerical-level employee of the NTSB, is involuntarily recruited to board the train and get it under control.  He fails, Denver gets nuked and thousands die, but Rob Lowe and his family are spared in the end.   
It needn't have taken 168 minutes to tell this story on film, but it did, and now we can't get the time back no matter what we do.  All we can do now is complain about it, but if that makes us feel better, then there is use in crying over spilled milk.     
Among other things, we already knew that money buys happiness, that you can take it with you, and that you can run away from your problems, but we didn't know about the spilled milk thing.  Another valuable lesson learned.  
We could close out by saying you learn something new every day, but we all know what a bunch of malarkey that is.